We can help you to find out if
incorporation is right for your business.


Work with new and developing businesses throughout the area and help to simplify business formation and incorporation procedures. We can help provide guidance on selecting the correct entity and checking to see if its name is available.  We have experience to help you determine the best business structure for your specific circumstances whether it be a corporation, LLC, partnership or even branch operation. Plus manage the tax benefits to your advantage.  Services that will assure you that you have the lowest possible tax exposure to best take distributions from your company.


We have a vast expertise in helping new businesses with all incorporation services.  When we help our clients with their business incorporations, we take their requirements and needs into consideration, and offer the right solutions for their needs. We also provide all business incorporation services, including filing incorporations, making it very simple to set up your business in the right way.  We pride ourselves in offering top service to our clients at an extremely good value.  We help clients with all of their incorporation needs including:


  • Partnerships
  • Sole Proprietorsips 
  • C Corps
  • S Corps
  • LLCs
  • LLPs
  • Not for profit organizations


The Benefits Of Incorporation?

Choosing how your business is organized may be one of the most important decisions a business makes.  Incorporation may be the wisest decision, but for others, it may be unnecessary, so each business should carefully assess the benefits (and challenges) of incorporation.


Liquidity: There may be times when an owner or partner will need to leave the business.  Regardless of the reasons for leaving, incorporation allows the free transferability of interest from one person to another.  


Liability: Benefits of incorporation is its limited liability against the shareholders.  Any debt or liability against a specific shareholder remains separate from the corporation and the inverse is true.  Anything that minimizes the risk of investors makes the business more attractive, and so the limited liability of incorporated business is quite valuable.


Taxes: The major detriment to incorporation is the taxes that it involves.  In a sole proprietorship or partnership, the taxable income of the business flows directly to the owner and/or partners and are taxed based upon the individual’s income tax bracket.


Reduced Chance of Tax Audit: Incorrect returns (many are self-prepared), tend to under report revenue or over report deductions.  For these reasons, the IRS has audited a higher percentage of sole proprietor tax filings that corporate filings.