Payroll and Human Resources


For over 30 years, we have built a solid reputation for providing quality comprehensive payroll administration and tax management services to small businesses at low prices. All our personnel are experienced, well-trained and highly skilled. Our dedicated customer support staff and hands-on management team will always respond to the needs of customers, immediatly. In fact, most clients have become friends and have stayed with us for long periods of time. 


Worry-free easy automatic tax filing (EFTPS) No more over- or under-payments, delayed payments, penalties or annoying inquiries! Using the latest communication and information technology. We are fully IRS-accredited for electronic funds transfers of tax payments required for all federal tax deposits (EFTPS). We always takes full responsibility for all payroll tax filings, keeping up with related correspondence, and responding to official inquiries on your behalf. Your operations will run smoother than ever! The increased productivity and lower cost will increase profits and increase productivity.

Included In Our Basic Service

  • Tax deposits and quarterly filing of Form 941
  • Tax deposits and quarterly filing of state quarterly reports
  • Tax deposits and annual filing of Form 940
  • Annual filing of Forms W-2 and W-3
  • Employee check and voucher
  • Payroll reports provided with your payroll delivery
  • Quarterly and year end reports provided with your payroll delivery
  • Payroll submission via phone, fax, email, or mail
  • Disability and workers' compensation audits

Payroll Delivery Choices

  • Pick up from our office
  • Delivery via standard U.S. mail
  • Delivery via a specific carrier of your choice
  • Delivery via a courier delivery service
  • Email in PDF format

Year End Services

  • W-2 processing
  • 1099 processing
  • Customized reports